Friday, February 9, 2007

$6 by Six Million

About a week ago I was introduced to the $6 by Six Million program. I had been having a bad couple of days with making money online, so I thought I would give this one a shot. And looking back on it now, this was an excellent choice.

The $6 by Six Million program goes like this. Basically, you pay $6 for your a website that is custom made, ready to go immediately and 100% hosted for you. It looks exactly like the website you just learned about the program from and used to purchase it. You then get a massive list of links to sites that can expose this site to millions of internet surfers. When these surfers visit your site they in turn pay you $6 for the same information and product you just bought.

If it sounds complicated, don't worry, it's actually extremely simple. When I first visited the website, I was a little bit sceptical. Nowadays there are so many scams and pyramid schemes on the internet that you can hardly trust any site that offers money like this in a short amount of time. But now that I have actually earned money from the product, I've realised that there is no way this can be a scam. Because when someone visits your site and decides to purchase the product, this payment goes straight into your paypal account, not through some random dodgy website, so you receive the money from these surfers straight away. It really is an easy way to earn money, if you can expose your site to the right people.

Exposing your site is made very easy with the program, as after you purchase you get access to the members area, which contains links to thousands of sites that can blast your site into an even greater number of search engines, blogs, traffic providers, chat sites, and completely random internet surfers. Not only that but you also get access to hundreds of e-books and downloadable programs that help you to maximise your earnings online. The fact that you pay just $6 for all of these, which would ordinarily cost a small fortune, is enough incentive to purchase the product in itself. The tools and knowledge about earning money online here is well worth the $6, even if you can't be bothered with your site.

One thing I especially liked about purchasing the $6 by Six Million site is that they offer the option of having your site hosted and set up on their server, or you can choose to do it all yourself on your own. I chose to do it myself, and this way I was able to change the site into my own words, which I definitely think explains it better for people who visit the site, hopefully increasing the number of people who purchase.

So far, I have had fourteen people buy the product after visiting my site for a total of $84. For just over a weeks work, I think that's a very good start. My main ways of spreading my site around have been very easy too - free traffic sites, forums chatrooms and Have a look at the site, and if it's something you think you can see yourself doing, then pay the $6 - it's definitely worth it. And trust me, there's nothing better than having payments of $6 show up in your paypal account over and over again.

$6 by Six Million

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Online home video-sharing and MetaCafe- definite money making potential

The online video-sharing phenomenon has spread throughout the internet like rapid fire in recent years. Yet it is not very well known that video-sharing sites also have the potential to earn you a great deal of money - all you need is a video camera and an idea.
Take for example Joe Eigo - this martial arts expert paid hundreds to keep his video, 'Matrix - For Real', running on his own website before deciding to upload it to Since then, he made over $25,000 in just a few months through the sites Producer Rewards scheme. Let me explain how this works, because it is an excellent way to earn a great deal of money if you have an idea or talent that doesn't even need to be original.

MetaCafe's scheme pays producers $5 for every thousand views a video gets on the site. It starts to pay out after it reaches 20,000 views, implying a minimum payment of $100. Now you might think that 20,000 views is a lot, but check out some of the other videos I found on the site and how much money they have made so far:
  1. How to X-ray an egg using a candle - 1,520,914 views - $7,589 earned.
  2. One back massage technique - 1,433,346 views - $7,167 earned.
  3. A card trick - 1,432,412 views - $7,166 earned.
  4. How to make a flying paper bird - 614,656 views - $3,078 earned.
So as you can see, it is very easy to get views and cash with videos that are extremely simple. Keep in mind that many of the producers on the site post more than just one video, so they earn even more money - for example, one producer creates massage videos, a different one for each part of the body. He has earned a total of just under $23,000. (5)

I figure that there are three kinds of videos that people want to see. The first is funny videos - not comedy movies with massive plot lines etc, but videos of people doing stupid things, getting hurt, and pulling pranks. The second kind is amazing videos - this category contains people like Joe Eigo doing phenomenal martial arts, videos of unusual occurrences like the Empire State Building getting struck by lighting or a bird getting killed by a baseball in the middle of a game. The last category is educational videos. These are all the movies that help people to learn new things, whether it be massage techniques, magic tricks or computer tricks and so on.

When it comes to choosing an online video-sharing host, I personally would choose Their payout seems to be the highest out of the sites I have seen, and it is encouraging to see that some people are earning tens of thousands through it. Another site worth a look is Break offers $400 for videos, and up to $2,000 for animated films. Their goal is to attract quality films from budding filmmakers and not just the cell phone camera antics you frequently see on other video-sharing sites. The typical length is about 10 minutes, so these are really more like film shorts. One more site that I have just recently been told about is This site sticks ads onto user video clips, and then pays the user a share of the profits. The more clicks a video receives, the more money a user can make. When talking about video-sharing sites, of course one has to mention Although at the moment YouTube does not offer monetary incentives for uploading your videos, there is word that later in 2007 the site will change this by offering video producers a cut of advertising revenue.

Whichever video-sharing host you choose, it will not change the fact that there is potential here to earn a great deal of money on the internet. Perhaps it's time you invested in a video camera.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Share info, meet new people, help others out, MAKE MONEY

No doubt a lot of you have heard of myLot, and if not, then you should look into it. Basically if you contribute to the community - whether it is by posting a new discussion, responding to a current discussion or referring friends, you earn money. A lot of people spend all day on myLot because supposedly "it's the best place to share information, meet new people and help others out" (actual quote from a myLot member), but I'm just in it because I like to make money. And there are some easy ways for you to earn some extra pocket money from this site too.

From what I can see there isn't big money to be made from posting, but serious members appear to be making $2-$5 dollars a day, depending on their involvement. I would ignore the claims that some are making hundreds of dollars a day, except perhaps for those earning through referrals, but I will talk more about that later. If you want say an extra $10-$35 a week then posting in myLot may be worth taking a look at. Here are some tips to make sure you get the most from your posting:
  • You get paid more for quality responses that are at least 2 but preferably 4 lines long, after this you don't make anymore money in that post so find a new one.
  • Any obscene language or topics are removed without payment, likewise with comments that are less than about 10 words.
  • Always tag your posts with all the words possible that are relevant to your topic. I have experimented and found I earned more when I used tags - they are what makes your topic pop up when someone uses the search tool.
  • You get paid extra when your response is selected by the person who started the topic as 'best response', so make an extra effort in your responses and do a bit of ass-kissing.
  • Start up interesting discussions that people will reply to a lot, because your income for a post is raised and accumulates more money as members view it and comment on it.
  • One topic that I post about once a month (just so people don't catch on) is the "It's my birthday!" post - people will always reply to that wishing you a happy birthday.
  • Another good topic is the "What's on your desktop background?" topic - everyone has one, so everyone can answer.
But no doubt the best way to make money through myLot is with referrals. You earn 25% of all the money that your referrals make. So if they make $2 you make $0.50c. More referrals means more money! I am confident that it's possible to earn $1000+ a month through myLot referrals. Check this out:

I want to make $1000 per month. Using a standard 30 day month I would need to make $33.33 per day. How can I achieve this? If I have just 67 referrals making $2 each day, so I get my $0.50 bonus from each, this would yield $1,005 per month!

And 67 referrals is not much at all - I'm sure most of us could get that many just by sending an email to everyone in our address books! This is even more amazing - the leading referrer on myLot has referred just over 3400 people. Of course, not all of them would earn $2 a day, and some might earn more, so let's imagine that 2500 of those people make $2 each day for a month. If you're making your $0.50 bonus from each of these people, you would earn $1250 a day or $37,500 a month.

Of course, getting that many referrals would be a hard task for any of us, but this shows the potential to make money through myLot referrals. Here's some proof of what I have just said.

From 17 referrals (4) my friend made $55.08 (2) and his total earnings is $62.26 (3) made from a combination of referring and posting in discussions. That's how easy it is.

So there is definitely potential to earn some good extra pocket money online with myLot. It is also a great way to market your sites. Personally, I've gotten a lot of great feedback on my other sites for referring people from myLot. Not only that, but I have to admit that sharing information, meeting new people and helping others out is actually quite fun.

Sign up here:

Monday, January 8, 2007

Welcome to The Money Box!

Welcome! My name is Box and here on this blog I intend to keep you updated with the latest online money making opportunities, tips and ideas. Nearly every day I come across something new being promoted about how you can earn money while you sleep. Unfortunately some of the ‘gurus’ out there have sold out and spam their lists with every new product on the market which makes it difficult to know who to trust and what is worth buying. The things I am going to tell you about are the ones that I think are worth checking out, usually because I have made money on them myself! I will also share tips and ideas that won’t cost you a leper's hand. Best of all, IT'S FREE. Just check back here on the blog for regular updates.